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15. February 2017

MEDIAMESH®: attraction for students and visitors

A MEDIAMESH® screen with integrated LED profiles from GKD USA is the new showcase of the Virginia Commonwealth University. When designing the new annex of the James Branch Cabell Library, which was completed in 2016, Moseley Architects chose the transparent display made of stainless steel mesh to establish an open dialog with the public. The woven screen also provides sun and glare protection and has therefore made the library a much nicer place to spend time.

Moseley Architects implemented a clear design concept for the library’s annex, in which they combined cross-story glass façades with beige stone and silver metal strips. Despite being a modern urban statement, the building’s structure still pays due architectural respect to the neighboring Sacred Heart Cathedral. Its open design is underlined by a MEDIAMESH® screen from GKD USA. The two-piece screen, which measures an impressive 37 square meters, was installed in an opening with the appearance of a display cabinet. Animations and films, as well as projects and events catch the eye of passers-by in the Rose Plaza. At the same time, the screen offers insights into the work performed by the institute with concrete examples. With vertical spacing of 40 mm and horizontal spacing of 50 mm (V4H5), around 18,000 pixels guarantee excellent light intensity and picture quality, even during daylight hours. The energy efficiency of the system was another key factor. The MEDIAMESH® screen consumes 80 percent less energy than conventional displays. However, its truly unbeatable advantage comes from its transparency of up to 60 percent, which permits full utilization of the rooms located behind it. This amount of natural light entering the rooms also reduces the need for artificial lighting. In connection with effective glare protection, the unrestricted views of the world outside guarantee maximum comfort for the students working inside the building. GKD USA assumed responsibility for the entire installation of the weather-resistant media system. The MEDIAMESH® screen was fixed in position using the tried and tested technique with round profiles and eyebolts. With this approach, eyebolts are fitted above and below the screen, sitting flush with the upper edge of the opening. Installing the system at the third story level represented a special challenge. However, the team from GKD was also able to master this in their familiar manner.

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