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05. March 2010

A controlled wind

Flow conditioning screens in wind tunnels

There’s a harsh wind blowing through the development of vehicles – be it planes, trains or automobiles: increasing time and cost pressure are constantly putting the efficiency of these means of transportation to the test. Consumption, dynamics, acoustics, comfort and cooling, indeed air pollution, too, are the overriding factors behind their success. To ensure this does not fall by the wayside, the demands being made in terms of the aerodynamics are also continually growing. For this reason, experimental testing and optimisation of the airflow-related properties of vehicles such as drag, lift and downforce are carried out in wind tunnels. The ingenious technology makes even the slightest differences stand out. Accordingly, the planning, design, installation and maintenance of the hi-tech test tunnels represent a challenge. Even extreme climatic conditions are being simulated in the search for greater vehicle comfort and economy. With highprecision sieving mesh and comprehensive solutions, from engineering through weaving and installation to maintenance and repair, the SolidWEAVE division of GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG ranks globally as one of the most distinguished partners to the automotive and aerospace industries. Numerous Formula 1 teams and research facilities, too, have been relying for years now on the integrated solutions expertise of GKD specialists.

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