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06. June 2004 Mailles pour l’architecture

The GKD Wire Mesh Atlas

The textile-like structure of wire mesh fascinates builders and architects alike all over the world. Supple, shimmering, highly reflective, transparent or opaque – interpretations of wire mesh as claddings for whole buildings, ceilings, walls or columns, as a floor covering, …

06. June 2004 Mailles pour l’architecture

Woven metal mesh in airport architecture

Woven metal mesh has been successfully established in industrial applications for decades: precision-woven high-tech products by GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG are indispensable in filtration and separation, in process belt technology and in screening and acoustic …

06. June 2004 Mailles pour l’architecture

The Miracle of Madrid

The sky over Madrid is an endless blue and has an infectious brightness.This bustling city in the middle of the Iberian peninsula is a modern, creative metropolis with a medieval town centre which stands in picturesque contrast to the loud and hectic character of the surrounding …

04. April 2004 Mailles pour l’architecture

Dubai – boomtown for extravagant architecture:

Extravagant architecture and futuristic urban planning characterize the face of Dubai, one of the world’s most dynamic metropoles. Dubai has the only seven-star hotel in the world, the biggest gold market in the Middle East, a bustling economy and an …

11. November 2003 Mailles pour l’architecture

Brilliant architecture: Crystal Weave

Stainless steel wire mesh with integrated cut crystals: like the natural phenomenon from which it takes its name, the installation “Northern Light”, a joint development of Swarovski and GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, changes constantly through an endless …

07. July 2003 Mailles pour l’architecture

Beautiful living from the bottom up

High utility value combined with aesthetic versatility: the bottom line in terms of requirements on the production of modern flooring. A long service life, great robustness and easy cleaning, these are the functional aspects which speak for laminate flooring as an up- …

06. June 2003 Toiles tissées pour l’industrie

Blended mesh of mono- and multifilaments in filtration:

After intensive research, the internationally renowned technical weaving mill for wire mesh made of metal, plastics or fibers, GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, Dueren, presented the novel filter media YMAX ® at the ACHEMA 2000. This blended mesh of …

05. May 2003

GKD: further consolidation of strong market position in 2002

The continued absence of a recovery of the world economy and fear of terror and war characterized the whole business environment in 2002. On top of all this, the fall of the dollar against the euro impacted negatively on the turnovers of …

05. May 2003 Mailles pour l’architecture

Creating restaurant interiors

Brand names should be instantly recognizable: restaurants, bars and clubs only make the grade as fashionable or cult meeting places if their concept credibly communicates a special lifestyle feeling. And this is exactly what Manfred Brennfleck, “Hotelier 2002”, …

05. May 2003 Toiles tissées pour l’industrie

Blended mesh is the answer

Innovative filter media are the trademark of GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, Düren, the internationally renowned technical mill for wire mesh made of metal, plastics or fibers. The medium-sized enterprise has decades of experience in making blends of the widest range of working …

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